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Anna and Ian traveled from America, with their friends and family to host a traditional Scottish Highland Castle Wedding to celebrate their marriage. We had the privilege of crafting their wedding flowers and event styling at the exclusive Inverlochy Castle Hotel creating their vision of a classical white wedding, with crisp green undertones.   

During the initial design consultation with Cora, Anna provided one image, which was the couple's inspiration. The overall wedding look was centered around the use of olive branch; we took the couple's inspiration and crafted a crisp traditional white wedding look, with a luxurious finish for the couple's bridal floristry and event styling.  

Venue: Inverlochy Castle

Photography By: Tatum Reid Photography 

Cake: Liggy's Cake

Hair and Make-up: Hair Boutique Renfrew

CoraAnderson//Wedding Flowers

Q + A with Cora

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Cora Anderson Floristry//Corporateflowers scotland

A short Q + A session with founder, owner and florist Cora Anderson.  Talking all things wedding floristry + styling, trends,  about the company and Cora herself.

Q: What services do you offer at Cora Anderson Floristry and Styling? 

A: Wedding Florist, Event Design and Corporate flowers. 

Q: How many years have you provided services as wedding florist? 

A:  Eleven years almost, prior to establishing my own florist business 5 years ago, I had previously worked with other well known florists and had began training as young as sixteen. 

Q: What was your first encounters with floristry and flowers? 

A: I have fond memories being a child and loved spending time in my great grandmothers garden admiring her large and overgrown hydrangea bushes with their vivid colors, spending time in her garden was a real treat growing up. When my father died in my early teens I took the position of being in charge of choosing all of the flowers for his funeral, which ended up rather a lot,  it felt like the natural way for me to connect to him even though he was gone and even now I feel working with flowers connects me to his memory in some way.

Q: What's always on your desk? 

A: Coffee. There is always something ridiculous on my desk, whether it be a gold pineapple or a vase full of foliages, hoards of scented candles or I have even been known to have a spare pair of earrings - because you never know! 


Q: Is there anything you dislike about being a wedding florist and stylist? 

A: I can't say there is, it is nice when I have assistance to bleach the buckets and clean down all the equipment though!  

Q: What is your personal favorite flower? 

A: haha! though question because I have personal favorites for different seasons, rooms in my own home or even the occasion for example.  Short answers: 

1. I love love love Peony season, their scent and fluffiness - Peonies everywhere! 

2. A Cora Anderson Floristry wedding, wouldn't go without a Hydrangea making an appearance somewhere when able. 

3. Roses. A whole bracket of favs here too! 

- White Norma Jeans, my favorite scented rose - they smell like turkish delight (a fav treat of mine). Love. 

- As tacky as it may seem, I have a real soft spot for Grand Prix Red Roses - I tend to have a simple vase of 20 stems in my bedroom each fortnight, unless I take home more seasonal florals. 

- David Austin Roses, Just because they are beaut and smell amazing too. 

4. Carnations. Yes, you heard correctly! Carnations are among my favorite bread of flowers. They get a bad reputation as petrol station tat, however they bring so much to the table visually and with economical values. Random fact! I recently read that they were also Oscar De La Renta's Favs too, featuring heavily in prints on fabrics for their designs. 

Okay I have probably bored you now, very long winded favorite flower answer. Moving on! 

Q: What color palettes do you love working with? 

A: In regards to this, I am very open minded. I do love a classical white wedding and a more bolder look of Jewel tones or varied pinks. 

Photo Credit: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography 

Photo Credit: Craig and Eva Sanders Photography 

Q: Current wedding must haves? 

A: Cora Anderson Floristry and Styling. I would recommend Chiavari Chairs over chair covers any day, varied height in centerpieces looks amazing - otherwise garlands seem to be hot right now. If you can, always choose flower length linen because the event design looks ten times better. 

Q: For wedding clients, what shouldn't they forget? 

A: Who they are and their individual taste. 

Q: Do you have a favorite venue in Scotland? 

A: Ohuh, I can sense another flower answer. Short list: 

Hopetoun House, Crossbaskets Castle, Assembly Rooms Edinburgh and Dundas Castle.