It all started when…

"I had began working within the Event Design and Floristry world when I was only sixteen, the Managing Director, Elle, of a well established company called 'Angel Fish Management' had seen my passion for style and took me under her wing as a design junior. This was my first real encounter of professionally learning about flowers, weddings and event design. I had worked closely with her and her team on numerous weddings and events, I was lucky enough to be shown how to prune my very first rose by her close friend, William Chambers, Vogue listed milliner who had popped by one day to say hello. My early encounters are still very dear to me, the excitement of discovering a creative outlet with the use of floristry and elegant linens prepared me for the life I live and love now. 


During my late teens, I studied Event Management at Metropolitan College and followed by graduating with a Bachelor of the Arts degree, from the business school at University of the West of Scotland when I was nineteen. 


While I was a student I did maintain my interest in floristry and event design by working on a freelance basis, but I also began working within a five star hotel as a receptionist, which has firmly given me one of my best party stories, that famous Scottish comedian Billy Connelly once gave me mild concussion by slamming his hotel door on the back of my head accidentally, while he was crippled into the wardrobe attempting to hold the door open for me exiting after attending to a hotel matter with him. I shall never forget his concerned facial expression and famous voice shouting down the corridor "Are you alright pal?" the answer was no, but naturally I couldn't exactly say that. 


After university I had taken some time off to really consider what I wanted to achieve in my life, I was even known to dabble in a little bit of modeling in this time, images that will never be shown, but I can assure this time off was not due to the mild concussion. Shortly after I had began working within a wedding florists, in the Southside of Glasgow called Little Botanica. I worked here as the shop supervisor, the owner Kim, helped develop my business skills over the years and gave me the opportunity to learn how to run a business.


Over these years I had met another influential female role model who helped develop and begin my training in floristry, Lisa, a friend who is the managing director and all round amazing florist of Floral Menagerie. She helped get me started in the basics of floristry and encouraged me to find my own natural ability. Odd as it may be sound, I am rather glad she allowed me to wash her flower buckets and I often miss our conversations over stripping leaves off stems. 


A friend and I had made the bold decision to establish our own event design company, I was twenty-two years old at the time and we decided to call our company Ginger&Lime Events. Shortly afterwards we renamed our company Ginger&Lime Florist and Event Design.


Over these years I had the most amazing experiences building my portfolio and providing wedding floristry and event design for my clients, the people I met and worked with shaped my future. During this time I was listed in Tie the Knot Magazine as "Coolest creative in Scotland, under 35".  


Sophie and I had many amazing years working together and our business's reputation became a success. Our vision to establish a luxury wedding design company became a reality very quickly due to our hard work. In 2017 our partnership in business came to an end, after deciding we wanted to achieve new goals. Although still remaining very close friends. 


Now under my own name, with my Creative Haus I have had the pleasure of creating wedding floristry and event styling for some amazing people over the years from International famous successful businessmen to footballers weddings and secret corporate events.

I was even recently dubbed the "queen of jewel tone wedding floristry" due to my love for deep luxurious color palettes. If you check out our media tab you'll also notice over my years I have quite enjoyed quoting and writing for magazine editorials sharing my wedding, design and floristry knowledge with readers.


I only hope that I am surrounded by flowers and have continued success in design, at least into my nineties."

Cora, Managing Director.